Creepy Fingers Effects

DESIGNED AND BUILT BY Long-time FU MANCHU BASSIST Brad Davis, Creepy Fingers effects sport killer silk-screened metalflake enclosures and bulletproof, handwired construction.  Now given how huge a fan I am of the band, I might have considered carrying these just because...

Well, having had the chance to play thru' them all, my opinion of the pedals is similar to my opinion of the band.  They are among the very best of their genre!  I have been hoping for a line of pedals to cover the super high-end, Point-to-Point hand-wired, mojo-parts fuzz-type stuff that I have been missing here for some time.  Creepy Fingers is all that and much, much more!


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We are very picky about the product lines we carry here.  They must have great tone, stellar reliability and the right vibe.  Thus far, We are very impressed by all of the manufacturers we deal with .  In addition, the manufacturers we carry all have one big thing in common:  They are all Super-creative People that are fun and easy to deal with!