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London, Ontario's Bobnoxious plays infectious, simple, two fisted, twisted rock 'n 'roll that will kick your ass over and over again. 

Blowing away Southern Ontario with their electrifying live show over the past two years, Bobnoxious is nothing less than the loud guitars, grooving bass and booming drums any self-respecting rock fan has come to expect, let alone love and adore.

You got to check these guys out!  Bob used to sing for Canadian Metal legends, Razor!!!




Jon - Guitars

Jonathan Cummins formed Bionic after he left The Doughboys in search of something a bit more rocking. After all, eight and half years of playing power pop is enough drive anybody batty. After a relatively short time spent in the rehearsal space, Bionic came out with both guns blazing and quickly recorded their debut record. The end result was heralded as "one of the most brutalizing pop records since Husker Du's 'Zen Arcade'".


Elvyn play some great pop songs, not unlike Teenage Fanclub (one of my Fav. bands!).  Jason O'Reilly, the Bass player is a great guy who knows his bass gear and is a general gear hound like myself.  The latest EP sounds great.  Well crafted songs with great hooks!  Look for a new Full-length CD in the near future.



Pierre is involved in photography, independent cinema & documentaries, & music. Check out his site here.


zefangus are a weary band of nomadic ghost-herders from the future. their nights are still and lonely when out on those cold and
desolate haunted plains, tending to their spectral herds. to maintain their sanity and reason in that nightmare twilight, zefangus
create an indefinable form of music to battle against the looming death of the desolate black night. together, they weave stories
of impossible robotic colossi, of great and wrathful forgotten gods and of giant misunderstood beasts raining down death and ruin
unto the world.

Paul, the bass player, is a local and a real nice guy.  He has another band called knife-like objects on the go as well.  He also runs karatemart records.




Easily one of the tastiest players around, Colin Cripps is also an expert on vintage gear.  Check out this video from Austin City Limits!

Colin has been a member and producer of the bands Crash Vegas and Junkhouse, and a frequent collaborator with bands such as Blue Rodeo,Jim Cuddy Band, and The Headstones.

He has also produced and written material for Be Good TanyasBig WreckTom WilsonColin JamesBlackie and the Rodeo KingsStephen Fearing and Oh Susanna. He has also worked in film, composing the music for Wrestling with Shadows, The Life and Death of Owen Hart,Machine Gun and Planet Storm.

He is also an all-around nice (and very talented) guy who loves guitar gear almost as much as me :-)  Check out this great interview from



The Golden Arrows

Chuck Freeman (former bass player from Moving Targets!!) has joined up with Kenny Chambers in a new band.  Some demos will be available up here.



Yellow Wood is an independent rock band from Canada's forgotten city, Windsor, Ontario. Their music is about the struggles and tensions of life, capturing all of the associated emotions in both sound and lyrics. It is music inspired by failure that can catapult you to victory.

The most common "sounds like" comparisons are to UK bands like Coldplay, U2, Travis, and sometimes Radiohead. In the live setting, you might hear The Mars Volta added to the list, thanks to some interesting pedal manipulations.

Bass Player, Ryan Fields also works with George at Riverside Music Shop.  Great shop w/ Great People.  Highly recommended!



Originally from Waterdown, Ryan Ferguson inauspiciously began recording as Electroluminescent back in 1998. As part of an international bedroom community sprouting from easier access to audience and recording, Ferguson began his musical career as simply a self–serving creative outlet that has now matured alongside the technology that helped originally produce it.

In live performance, he plays guitar, keyboard, and drum pads, often all at the same time, layering the sounds with sampling and delay effects to create mesmerizing, 40-minute long epics that shift and change through rocking, rhythmic passages, to ambient explorations, to distorted feedback freak outs.



Fuzz and Farfisa!  What more can you ask for?  check out the Madcaps here!  John has some killer gear and a great ear for vintage effects.



Burning up the fretboards around Ottawa, Casey has a wicked rig and knows how to use it.  Check his stuff out here



Great band from Montreal, check them out here and here!!!



The Checkerboard Floors

The Checkerboard Floors is a 4 piece rock band based in Southern Ontario. Check them out if you can.  Show dates are here.

Tyler Wilson, who also fronts the Tyler Wilson Band, has been a great customer for years.



Inspired by U2, The Beatles, their classical upbringing, as well as Top-40 radio faves like Keith Urban and John Mayer, their diverse influences, not to mention relatable insight on the joys and trials of Christian life, is what makes Article One’s music stand out.

Now signed to Nashville-based Inpop Records, these Canada natives are ready to introduce their eclectic brand of pop/rock to the masses

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