Subdecay M3 Guitar Synthesizer has landed here!

Brian from Subdecay has really outdone himself on this one. As a long-term master translator of the world of synth to pedals, Brian's design work with the M3 is simply stellar. His deep explorations of analog synth and his vast experience with those sounds and features have created an unparalleled mono synth experience in pedal form that can be applied to a broad reach of instruments. Especially critical to guitarists and bassists, the tracking on the M3 is EXCELLENT. 3 digitally controlled analog oscillators deliver a broad panel of classic analog synth sounds: strings, bass, bell-like tones and more. With 11 Algorithms and unique parameter sets for each mode, the M3 is extensive in its sonic reach. The M3 is a standout product not only for Subdecay but for the sub-category of "Synth Pedals”.    Pricing and details are here.  Please click here to click out the various Video demos of the pedal.

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