New Arrivals


Please note: Our selection of New Arrivals are in stock, but are not available for on-line purchase yet, <<<Please E-mail to order>>>

Prices in US$


The following are mostly used pedals that have been traded in recently (Many are like new):

Subdecay Blackstar Distortion $119.99

Ibanez ADL Analog Delay $95

Vox V847 wah pedal $75

Guyatone PS-013 Chorus (Made In Japan) $125

M-Audio Axiom 25 MIDI Controller (like new in Box) $125

Trace Elliot SMX Dual Band Compressor $150

Guyatone Fuzz/Wah (Vintage Superfuzz stryle circuit/Reverse Wah) $225

MXR Phaser $65

Ibanez BCL Bi-Chorus $95

Boss DF-2 Super Feedbacker & Distortion (MIT version) $100

Ibanez Tone-Lok TS7 Tubescreamer (Limited Edition green finish $99

ROCKETT BOOST (Pro series with copper case) $500

DOD dfx9 digital delay $50

RedZone Effects & Amplifiers PolterDrive II MultiStage Overdrive $125

Korg KVP-001 Volume Pedal 2-Channel (stereo) $105

Dunlop 105Q Bass Crybaby Wah (White) $85

Boss PSM-5 power supply/master switch $50

'73 Thomas Organ Wah (Missing feet) $175

Vox Ampliphonic Stereo Multi-Voice (Crazy, Stereo Octave/fuzz, missing lid) $NFS

Boss Tremolo TR-2 $70

Pigtronix Expression Pedal $95

Boss DR-5 Drum machine $50

Boss CH-1 Super Chorus $65

Roland V-Bass System (with Pick-up and carrying case) $499
Boss Metal Zone MT-2 $50


*** I bought out the remaining stock of a store that was getting out of the pedal business. I have the following brand new items below in stock at some nicely discounted prices.


EU Style 9 Volt $15
UK Style 12 Volt $15
UK Style 9 Volt $15


DS2 Distortion and Sustainer II $104
DS830 Distortion Master $159
PT999 Phase Tone $104


BE2 Bottom Equalizer for Bass $54
ME2 Micro Equalizer $60
ODX Flip Overdrive $119
SD2 Sustainer $60


Box of Metal (Hand Painted) $287
Box Of Metal "Vexter Series" $175
USA Vexter Box Of Metal $239
Octane III $255
Tremorama $299
Large Power Plate $29


** If anything does catch your eye, please email me at and i can give you any additional information that you require.  I will always try to cut the prices considerably if you want a whole bunch of stuff.  Trades almost always welcome.

Please note: Our selection of New Arrivals are in stock, but not available for on-line purchase yet, <<<Please E-mail to order>>>


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