Used and Vintage Effects Pedals


Please note: Our selection of Used and Vintage Pedals are in stock, but are not available for on-line purchase yet, <<<Please E-mail to order>>>

Prices in US$

4ms Triwave Picogenerator (console style, seriously loaded version, all options) $995

Acetone Fuzz Master FM-2 $sold <PICTURE>

Akai Shred-o-matic D1 Distortion (Discontinued, Professional quality Effect w/ Tube or Solid State modes) $125

Akai VariWah W1 (Discontinued, Professional quality Effect w/ unique Auto-wah features) $125

Aria PS-10 Phase Shifter (two separate footswitchable rates!!) $95  <PICTURE>

Arion Tubulator MTE-1 $35  <PICTURE>

Arion  Pedal switch PS-2 $29<PICTURE>

Barge Concepts DB-1 Dual Boost (New) $115

Barge Concepts RC-1 Compressor (New) $155

Beavis Audio Research Noisy cricket $NFS  <PICTURE>

Behringer Acoustic ADI21 $20

Boss CE-3 Chorus $89 

Boss Compression/Sustainer CS-3 $75

Boss DE-200 Digital Delay (single rackspace) $195 <PICTURE>

Boss Digital Metalizer MZ-2 $125  <PICTURE>

Boss DM-3 Delay (made in Japan)  $225

Boss DS-1 Distortion (MIT) $40  <PICTURE>

Boss FV-300L volume/expression pedal $95

Boss HR-2 Harmonist $150

Boss Metal Zone MT-2 $50

Boss OS-2 Overdrive/Distortion $75  <PICTURE>

Boss Power Supply & Master switch PSM-5 $70  <PICTURE>

Boss PW-10 V-Wah COSM modeler $145

Boss Super Overdrive SD-1 (velcro on bottom) $69

Boss Super Overdrive SD-1 $75  <PICTURE>

Boss TR-2 Tremolo $70

Boss RBF-10 Flanger (1/2 rack studio series) $139

Coron Distortion $125 <PICTURE>

Coron Phaser 50 (very early phaser, sounds wicked!) $155 <PICTURE>

Dallas Arbiter Wah Face (replaced btm cover, missing two feet) $149 on hold 

Danelectro Fab tone $69

Dearmond 602 Volume / Wah pedal $150

D*A*M Differential Audio Manifestations Sonic Titan (like new) $old

Digitech FS300 Footswitch $75 <PICTURE>

Digitech X-series Multi Chorus $60

Digitech PDS 1550 Programmable Distortion $149 <PICTURE>

Digitech Digital Stereo Chorus / Flanger 1700 (missing battery cover) $149

DOD 270 A/B box $30

DOD 555 distortion (missing battery door) $100

DOD 565a stereo chorus $125

DOD FX75B Stereo Flanger $50 <PICTURE>

DOD Supersonic Stereo Flange FX-747 (in box w/ Manual etc.) $69  <PICTURE>

DOD Mystic Blues Overdrive FX102 $49 <PICTURE>

DOD Phasor/201 $85 <PICTURE>

DOD Phasor/201 (modded for True bypass with LED) $120  <PICTURE>

DOD Phasor/490 (modded for True bypass with LED) $120  <PICTURE>

DOD Overdrive Plus FX50B $49 <PICTURE>

Dunlop Crybaby Wah GCB95 $60

Dunlop 105Q Bass Crybaby Wah (White) $85

Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Fuzz-Wah JH-1FW $115

Electro-Harmonix 5x Junction Mixer (very rare and useless item for the EH collector completist) $125  <PICTURE>

Electro-Harmonix Bad Stone Phase Shifter $250

Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi (Made in USA, reissue) $60.oo 

Electro-Harmonix Doctor Q $139.oo <PICTURE>

Electro-Harmonix Hot Tubes (Original Issue) $225 <PICTURE>

Electro-Harmonix Queen Triggered Wah $1195

Electro-Harmonix Silencer $95 <PICTURE>

Electro-Harmonix Full Double Tracking Effect $159

Ernie Ball Wah Pedal $135

Farfisa Sferasound Pedal  $on hold <PICTURE>

Fishman Acoustic Blender $145 <PICTURE>

Fostex DE-1 Dual Multi-Effects Processor $75

FX Doctor Flatline Distortion $105 <PICTURE>

Guyatone PS-001 Distortion $95 <PICTURE>

Guyatone PS-005 Overdrive $150

Guyatone Distortion Limited PS-016 $145 <PICTURE>

Holmes Super Phase Eight Stage Phaser (similar to older Coron Pedals) $125 <PICTURE>

Hornsby & Skewes Zonk Machine and matching treble booster (incredibly rare and cool fuzz variant) $sorry, sold

Ibanez BP5 Bass Compressor $39 <PICTURE>

Ibanez CD10 Delay Champ $125

Ibanez CP9 Compressor (missing battery door) $75

Ibanez DS-7 Distortion $40 <PICTURE>

Ibanez MS10 Metal Charger $75

Ibanez Flying Pan FP-777 (Original version, Crazy panning phaser, missing battery cover)  $1195 <Email for pics>

Ibanez Flanger FL-303 (replaced Footwitch) $195

Ibanez GE-10 Graphic Equalizer $100

Ibanez GE-500 Graphic Equalizer (like Renometer) $165  <PICTURE>

Ibanez Tone-Lok PH7 Phaser Pedal $50

Ibanez L.A. Metal LM7 $65 <PICTURE>

Ibanez PUE-5 Multi-FX Floor Unit (effects Loop LED burnt out) $235

Ibanez PDD1 DCP Delay (w/ box, adapter) $275 <PICTURE>

Ibanez PDD1 DCP Delay  $245 <PICTURE>

Ibanez PDS1 DCP Distortion (Amazing Programmable Distortion w/ TS-9 and TS-808 Sounds) $275 <PICTURE>

Ibanez PDS1 DCP Distortion (Amazing Programmable Distortion w/ TS-9 and TS-808 Sounds) $245 <PICTURE>

Ibanez PPE-1 Parametric EQ (with original box & manual) $245

Ibanez Phasetone (PRE-808 SERIES) $145  <PICTURE>

Ibanez Phasetone PT-909  $145

Ibanez Phasetone (early 808 series)  $175 <PICTURE>

Ibanez UE300 Multi-effect (with TS9, CS9 and CP9 pedals all in one unit) $350

Korg AX3000G w/adapter $145

Korg Toneworks Classic Overdrive 105d $149 <PICTURE>

Korg ToneWorks AX10A $75

Korg KVP-001 Volume Pedal 2-Channel (stereo) $105

Maxon Power Booster (Ultra rare plug-in effect ala Dallas-Arbiter rangemaster) $155 <PICTURE>

Memphis Attack trigger (Early maxon/ibaNEZ Brand)  $250 <PICTURE>

Memphis Compressor (Early maxon/ibaNEZ Brand) $145 <PICTURE>

Memphis Mini-Flange (Early maxon/ibaNEZ Brand) $175 <PICTURE>

Memphis Roto phase (Early maxon/ibaNEZ Brand) $175 

Morley Compact Series fuzz Wah volume CFW Model $150


MXR Limiter (Missing one Knob) $150

MXR Micro Amp (original issue, block Logo) $125

MXR Noise Gate Line Driver $85

MXR Stereo Chorus (black box) $59 <PICTURE>

MXR Time Delay (Great vintage sounding Slapback delay, black box) $95 <PICTURE>

Nuance Razorback $149  <PICTURE>

Option 5 Destination Phase $110

Pal the Giraffe Modded EH Small clone chorus (BYOC PCB) $95

PaltheGiraffe Double Stahlman Dual Flanger $NFS   <video>

PAX Phasetone (MAXON/Ibanez Made) $145 <PICTURE>

PAX Graphic Equalizer PX-4 (same as Ibanez Renometer) $95 <PICTURE>

Pearl AD-08 Analog Delay $150

Peavey Compressor/Sustainer CSR-2 $50 <PICTURE>

Rebol Buff Fuzz (buffered fuzz in the Muff fuzz style, only one knob is active) $95  <PICTURE>

Righteous Tones Fang (orig. version) $on hold

Roland Bee-Baa Fuzz $550

Schaller Foot Volume Control F 121(in original box) $99 <PICTURE>

Sekova Bass Boost Model 2011 (rare early EH clone) $129 <PICTURE>

SKB 4-Space Full-depth Rack $95

Solid Gold Soundlabs Custom Blender OD/distortion $175

Tech 21 XXL  $89 <PICTURE>

Thomas Organ Cry Baby Wah (model 95-910511, patents pending, sounds great) $250

Tokai Metal Driver TMD-1 (Imagine a vintage TS-808 w/ a sweepable mid-filter, the world's most under-rated pedal, missing rubber strip on footswitch) $155 <PICTURE>

Tokai Overdrive TOD-1 (essentially the same sound as a vintage TS-808 w/o the monstrous price tag) $175 <PICTURE>

Univox MicroFazer $129  <PICTURE>

Univox MicroFazer $135 <PICTURE>

Vox Octavoice II (Ampliphonic!, super rare) $450

WD Blue Clipper Fuzz (NOS in box) $65

WD Yellow Humper (NOS in box) $45 

WD Green Ringer (Ring modulated fuzz!) $125 <PICTURE>

Yamaha DG-Stomp Guitar Pre-Amp (the ultimate back-up rig and DI, kills the Line 6 POD IMHO) $on hold

Yamaha Overdrive OD-10MII $125 <PICTURE>

Yamaha Overdrive OD-100 $125 <PICTURE>

Yamaha Overdrive OD-100 $120 <PICTURE>

Yamaha Overdrive w/ Aphex Aural Exciter ODE-100 $149 <PICTURE>

Yamaha FL-100 Flanger $95 <PICTURE>

Yamaha REX50 digital Multi-effects processor (MBV My Bloody valentine Box!!) $550

Yamaha D1500 Digital Delay (single rack space, great Modulating section, sim. to Korg SDD) $135

Zoom 506II Bass $50

Zoom 505II Guitar $50


Our selection of Used and Vintage Pedals are in stock, but are not available for on-line purchase yet, <<<Please E-mail to order>>>

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