Xotic Pedals BB Plus



Xotic Pedals BB Plus is a 2 channel preamp boost/Distortion with re-arrangeable channel stack.

Similar to the AC Plus, the BB Plus offers two separate boost/preamp channels, each with its own volume and gain control. The two channels are also stackable in either direction: B > A or A > B. The flexibility in cascading gain structures is excellent.  The addition of hard and soft compression settings and independent tone controls for each channel (single tone control for Channel A, and 3-band EQ for Channel B), allows the player to dial in almost any particular flavor of overdrive or distortion. From clean boost and gritty blues to face-melting wail or fuzz mayhem: if you hear it in your head, this pedal can likely produce it. The tones are trulyconvincing, not just close approximations.

Both channels are true bypass and independently switchable. Channel A, with the heart of the original BB preamp, has a rich, open sound that goes from clean to mean without losing complexity or clarity. It's single tone control works mostly on the mid and treble frequencies, so there’s not as much tonal versatility here as in the other channel, but it is remarkably transparent at every gain setting. The hard compression setting (button down) has a 500hz corner frequency for deeper bass, while the soft comp (button up), with its 1khz cutoff, creates tighter distortion with a brighter sustain. The difference between comp options is slightly more pronounced at higher gain settings.

Channel B, with its 3-band EQ, offers greater tonal control, especially over low end. The controls themselves are highly interactive, offering a large variety of precise tonal flavors. You can create a signature tone for yourself, or recreate a classic tone. It can even do a very nice “scooped” tone for metal players. The compression option in this channel works much like the one in Channel A, but with a bit more gain and different corner frequencies (350hz for “hard” and 500hz for “soft”).

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