VFE Pedals Dark Horse



The VFE Dark Horse is a hard-edged distortion beast. In true VFE fashion, all the tonal nuances of the circuit are at your fingertips. An active Bandaxall tone stack adds a huge range of tonal variations, from mid scoop to mid hump, bass boost to treble boost, and any shade between. The unique COMP control lets you control how dynamic the distortion is, from long singing sustain to earth-shaking dynamic distortion.


GAIN: Controls the amount of gain/distortion

COMP: Controls the amount of compression in the clipping stage. Clockwise = full, dynamic distortion. Counterclockwise = gritty, sustaining distortion

LEVEL: Controls the output volume of the Dark Horse

TREBLE: Active treble cut/boost

BASS: Active bass cut /boost

S - L - A:        S = symmetrical germanium clipping / L = 3mm red LEDs / A = asymmetrical (silicon diode + LED)

INTERNAL CONTROLS: The internal FAT control affects the amount of pre-gain volume & bass response. The other trimpot adjusts the brightness of the LED.


SKU: VFE00000022

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