Subdecay Siren Pitch Vibrato



Enchanting. Alluring. Seductive? Dangerous? In Greek Mythology Sirens used their entrancing song to lead sailors to their deaths. Originally portrayed birds with human female features, their portrayal changed to that of angelic temptresses still enchanting with their irresistible melody.

The Subdecay Siren is a true pitch vibrato effect with built in touch sensitivity. Moderate settings create mesmerizing modulation. More extreme settings turn to seasick warbling and pitch madness that will send you off to visit Hades in the underworld. (no not really)

Pitch Vibrato is one of the most ignored effects for guitar. Before the days of analog delay/BBD IC’s it was not an easy effect to achieve. Most available technology either involved acoustics like rotating speakers or was simply impractical like modulating tape speed.

In the early days the world of music effects settled on vibrato simulations. The Univibe and Leslie being the two most obvious examples. They went on to become classics of their own. Other times they’d call an effect “vibrato” when it was really something else, like tremolo.

Once analog delay technology became practical in the world of music, a number of flangers, chorus and echo effects became available in the mid to late 70’s. While the Pitch Vibrato effect was possible it was a rarity. Sometimes it was an also ran feature of a chorus effect, but the effect itself was usually not given the attention it deserved.

You’d think designing a vibrato effect would be simple. Take a chorus pedal and eliminate the dry signal. Subdecay found that what made a great chorus pedal simply did not translate to an exciting vibrato. Chorus effects are tuned with a slight delay to reduce comb filtering. The effected signal usually lacks dynamic range and high end sparkle. The imperfections are easily masked in a chorus effect by the dry signal. A pitch vibrato does not have this luxury.

Subdecay took great care for preserve dynamics and tone. The frequency response is tuned for a touch of shimmer. The input signal is never compressed and allows for impressive headroom even at 9 volt operation.

Interaction, Dynamics and Control

The Siren not only lets your playing shine through, but also lets your playing control the effect. The enchant control senses how hard you play, and can slow down or speed up the vibrato.
The vibration knob controls the vibrato speed and intensity sets the depth.

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