Road Rage Pro Gear (Other Items)



Buffered A/B/Y Pedal $129.99  <info>

A/B/C Switcher Pedal $65.99  <info>

A/B (standard) pedal $46.99 <info>

RapidFire (Back & Forth) 2 Loop Switcher with Master bypass $75.99 <info>

RapidFire (Back & Forth) 2 Loop Switcher $56.99 <inf    o>

Stereo Splitter (Stereo In - 2 Mono Out) $61.99 <info>

2 guitar - 2 amp switch {A/B-B/A (2 in - 2 out)} $69.99 <info>

A/B Tuner Mute $65.99 <info>

Other useful stuff:

feedback looper A pedal $69.99 <info>

feedback looper B pedal $69.99 <info>

tap tempo switch $29.99 <info>

Multi Output Tap Tempo Pedal  $35.99 <info>

Tap Tempo with A/B/Y out $89.99 <info>


Mini Volume Pedal  $42.99 <info>

Volume Pedal  $42.99 <info>

Volume Box (vertical)  $25.99 <info>

Volume Box (horizontal) $25.99 <info>


Buffer Pedal  $89.99 <info>

Mini Buffer Patch Bay  $69.99 <info>

Dual Buffer Patch Bay  $105.99 <info>


<<<Please note: There is a 1-2 week turnaround for built pedals>>>


The above Road Rage Pro Gear Loopers and Signal Switchers are in stock but not available for on-line purchase yet, <<<Please E-mail to order>>>


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