Nik Huber Krautster II (Worn Onyx Black-Tuxedo Style)


** This one is particularly cool and a bit of a rare one.  The Spanish Cedar body and Mahogany neck are finished in matching onyx black unlike most K2's in circulation. With the All-black finish and the white black white pickguard, it has a classy tuxedo look.  It is amazingly lightweight as well.

The Krautster II totally nails the sound and sheer power of raw music. Its design and craftmanship, meanwhile, demonstrate massive scope and breathtaking ambition. Disguised as a plain, down-to-earth guitar, the Krautster 2 comes proudly stripped of everything but the very essence of Rock!


- Worn Onyx Finish (all over)

- Spanish Cedar Body

- Mahogany Neck

- East Ind. Rosewood Fretboard

- Dot Inlays

- Black Headstock

- Bridge Humbucker, Neck P90 Soapbar

- Nonadjustable Stoptail

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SKU: NH00000038

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