Montreux Retrovibe Classic Overdrive


The Retrovibe series is Montreux more compact line of pedals.  They pay tribute and make improvements to various classic circuits.

This pedal is Montreux's take on the Vintage Ibanez TS-808 or TS-9 overdrive circuits that virtually every artist from SRV to Kirk Hammett has used.  This circuit offers some clipping options as well as an integrated footswitchable boost circuit.  The controls are Level, Gain, Tone and Boost and a toggle allows you to choose a different clipping option.

I have been very impressed with the tone and quality of these pedals and the pricing is pretty amazing for a hand made boutique pedal.

** Please note that the Retrovibe Series of pedals are made in small custom batches and the colours of the enclosures and screenprinting as well as the style of knobs do vary from our stock picture at times. If you require an exact colour or style of knob, please email to confirm before purchasing.


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