Mojo Hand FX Analogue Filter 443



It’s no secret that the original 442 filter was based on that classic DOD440 circuit of yore and while it found its place in the hearts of many, Mojo Hand finally decided to give in to the numerous requests for something MORE. So here it is, the Analogue Filter 443: more knobs, more funk, more control, more versatility, more board space (smaller enclosure)…..what MORE could you possibly ask for?

Each of the 3 controls have enormous sweeps and work in conjunction with each other (just like the 442) for nearly endless tonal possibilities. No guessing involved, grab a knob and slowly turn through the entire sweep and you will see just how much funk is offered. Clear your schedule, because with this much control, you’ll find countless tones that are bound to inspire.

And of course, bass players as well can partake in the funk, the 443 offers serious low-end compatibility and will put some stank on your signal so sweet you might not ever bypass the thing.

Like all Mojo Hand FX, true bypass switching, 9v DC jack, bright LED and high quality enclosure all apply. For those who take the time to explore, the 443 might just become your new best friend. Feel the funk.

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