Lauren Audio Spitfire Distortion-Overdrive



The SPITFIRE is a multi-clipping overdrive/distortion that is equipped with 6 discrete clipping stages. From clean overdrive to heavy clipping, each of the 6 stages has a unique tone and distortion characteristic.

Use the selector switch to choose between Clean, Smooth, Germanium, Warm, Dynamic, and Heavy-Mid. Each stage was picked to make the SPITFIRE diverse and useful in many settings.

The SPITFIRE is DIY friendly with 2 clipping stages and a filter built on sockets, making the components affecting your tone easily replaceable. This allows the operator to have a truly unique unit, and provides for future retrofit.

The SPITFIRE is composed of high grade components for reliability and tonal quality. Some components used: Dale Mil-Spec Resistors, Neutrik Jacks, Vishay Transitors, WIMA Capacitors, Nichicon Capacitors, Alpha Pots, Thomson Diodes, Motorola Diodes, and Cree LED's.


  • Dynamic and Versatile
  • 6 Discrete Clipping Styles

  • 2 Filter Modes

  • Modern and NOS Components

  • DIY Friendly Features

Style I: Lower gain provides a clean drive tone, higher gain distorts opamp.

Style II: Smooth high frequencies, increased mid warmth, slight compression.

Style III: Germanium drive that distorts with high gain.

Style IV: Warm Distortion, increased harmonics and sustain.

Style V: Dynamic tone, transparent through distorted with increased sustain.

Style VI: Mid-Range distortion, smooth high end, heavy distortion with high gain.

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