JET Pedals Micro - HX MIDI Controller



JET Micro is a 3 button midi controller designed specifically for the HX Stomp. With the JET Micro you will be able to completely unlock the HX Stomp with immediate access to bypass blocks, toggle effect parameters up & down, assign multiple blocks & effect parameters to a single button, scroll through presets, toggle between snapshots, tap tempo, utilize the built-in tuner & looper. It's compact, simple, intuitive, and couldn't be easier to use. Designed for the person that likes to get down to business and "plug & play" rather than trying to understand the complex ins & outs of Midi programming.

*** FEATURE UPDATE from JET *** 

"We've added complete control over the HX Stomp's looper and provided limited integration with various other MIDI pedals such as H9, Strymon, Source Audio, Boss, GFI Systems, Empress, Chase Bliss, etc. Now when activating Snapshots 1 thru 3 on the Stomp, it will pull up presets 1 thru 3 (respectively) on these pedals (see Midi implementation manual below for details). If this feature is not desired, we've added a configuration menu to turn this on/off and your desired setting will be stored in the Micro's memory so you don't have to adjust this every time it powers up! Stay tuned for "how to" videos on these added features, we will be updating our site shortly."

Download the user manual here or the Midi implementation manual here.


  • (3) soft-touch momentary toggle switches
  • Multi colored LED which shows the status of the pedal and which bank you are in
  • Immediate access for complete control over your Stomp - no programming required
  • Stomp Bank (Red LED)
    • Toggle blocks on/off or parameters up/down (can assign multiple parameter adjustments and/or blocks to one switch)
    • Activate Snapshots on the fly (no need to "Page" over to access Snapshots)
    • Normal & Fast scrolling thru presets (no need to "Page" over to access preset scrolling)
  • Looper Bank (Green LED)
    • Offers complete control over the built in looper block
  • Tap Tempo / Tuner Bank (Blue LED)
    • Easy access to tap tempo and the built in tuner
    • Tap tempo & the tuner is always available no matter which bank you are in
    • Tap Tempo can be sent thru the Stomp and up to 5 other Midi pedals
    • Can activate the built in tuner on the Eventide H9
  • When activating Snapshots 1 thru 3 the Micro sends Midi PC messages activating the first 3 presets (respectively) on up to 5 other Midi pedals
    • Compact Size - fits on most pedalboards and sized perfectly for a direct replacement to your typical 2-button foot-switch.
    • Dimensions are 3.6" L x 1.50" W x 1.25" H
    • Runs on a standard 9V (negative tip) power supply with less than 100ma current draw. *power supply not included
    • Requires (1) 5-pin MIDI cable to connect to the Stomp (MIDI cable not included)

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