Heavy Electronics Saturn (deep-space guitar modulation)


The Saturn pedal is the electronic gateway to deep-space guitar modulation. Ultra-wide frequency band (FREQ) allows for all kinds of modulation reactions. Modulated tone is balanced with a full wet/dry mix control (MIX). Both the clean and the modulated signals are J-FET buffered. This mix is then passed through an overdrive section (DRIVE) that magnifies the impact of the modulation and allows the total signal to rise above unity if desired.

Heavy Electronics also included an expression jack to control frequency. Rather than disable the Frequency knob all together when using the expression pedal, they retained funtionality by allowing it to set the top limit of the modulation. This means that the top frequency can be pre-tuned and then the user can wash through the frequencies, ending at the exact frequency desired every time. Crank the knob and you've got the full sweep in the expression pedal. Bypass shunts any carrier bleed, and the pedal is DEAD QUIET in bypass, unlike other modulators. Subtle high modulation fakes steady harmonics, low jagged modulation drives like fuzz tone gone evil. Everything in between just floats in space.

-Hand-made in Minneapolis Mn. by Musicians
-Lifetime Warranty (Barring Obvious Abuse)
-Upgrades, Repairs and Mods Available for Life
-Voiced Openly for Guitar, Bass or any Instrument
-PCB Designed, Printed and Populated by H.E.
-1 oz. Copper 1/16" Single Point Mounted PCB 
-24mm Large Size Pots for Maximum Reliability
-Flying Leads to all Potentiometers and Jacks
-Neutrik or Switchcraft 1/4 inch Signal Jacks
-Sealed Metal LED Housing with Flying Leads
-9V 200MA Power for Maximum Compatibility
-Powder-Coated Die-Cast Aluminum Enclosure
-Dual Quality-Control Testing (both Audio & Build)


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