Heavy Electronics Red Eyes Transparent Overdrive


The Heavy Electronics Red Eyes pedal is a true-to-grit overdrive with a classic sense of gain and a modern conception of use.

Fantastic gain response on all settings and un-relenting level headroom. The Overdrive circuit is linked to dual LED's, the "Eyes", which glow on and off in direct reaction to your playing. Our customers rave over the dynamics and picking response.  Tone is open and ringing with warm clipping.  Very responsive to guitar and pickup selection.  This pedal has everything from subtle tweedish nuances to a powerful dense overdrive with gain to spare.

Classic yet original overdrive that will make you smile, unless you hate deceitful octopods.

-Hand-made in Minneapolis Mn. by Musicians

-Lifetime Warranty (Barring Obvious Abuse)
-Upgrades, Repairs and Mods Available for Life
-Voiced Openly for Guitar, Bass or any Instrument
-True Bypass Switching & Minimum Length Leads
-PCB Designed, Printed and Populated by H.E.
-1 oz. Copper 1/16" Single Point Mounted PCB 
-24mm Large Size Pots for Maximum Reliability
-Flying Leads to all Potentiometers and Jacks
-Neutrik or Switchcraft 1/4 inch Signal Jacks
-Sealed Metal LED Housing with Flying Leads
-9V 200MA Power for Maximum Compatibility
-Powder-Coated Die-Cast Aluminum Enclosure
-Dual Quality-Control Testing (both Audio & Build)


SKU: Heavy0004

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