Greer Amps Black Fuzz - 18th Ann.



For the Greer Amps 18th Anniversary, Greer decided to do something real fun...they've reissued the pedal that started it all!  This is the classic Greer Amps circuit, based on the original pedal that Nick built back in the day!

The Black Fuzz is a simple and elegant pedal.  The Black Fuzz has a pretty unique sound--imagine an overdriven B*ssman amp, with a slight amount of fuzz tacked on top...that's the territory this guy gets into! The single knob adjusts the output volume level of the pedal.  This pedal is very fat and pick sensitive.  By adjusting the guitar's volume control or varying the pick attack, a range of tones can be had.  Dig in, and this thing barks!  Back off a bit on the guitar's volume control, or pick lighter, and a beautiful semi-clean sound can be had.  Notes seem to bloom with this pedal.  If you're looking for a big, raunchy sound, like an amp being pushed with a bit of fuzz on top--this is your pedal!

  • Special, limited 18th Anniversary edition!
  • Fat, touch responsive gain!
  • Pick attack sensitivity like no other pedal you've heard!
  • Classic tones, with plenty of volume to drive the front end of any amplifier!
  • True Bypass!
  • Uses 9-Volt battery or standard neg. center, 2.1mm power supply!
  • Built with top quality components!
  • Lifetime Warranty to the original owner!

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