Glou-Glou Moutarde



FOUR VOICES PLL SYNTH allowing Octaves, Fifths or complex chords from a single note. Four low-pass filters with separated controls and A bunch of modulations as well as fuzz.

At the heart of Glou Glou MOUTARDE, there are 4 low-pass filters running in parallel.

Each filter can be controlled independently. Cutoff (FREQ) , resonance (PEAK) and modulation depth (MOD)

You can feed the filters by 3 ways: dry signal, gated fuzz or PLL

PLL consists of 4 audio-controlled squarewave-oscillators. Octaves, fifths, simple or complex chords can be obtained by tweaking 2 rotary swicthes. (VOICINGS) , (TRANSPOSE)

Filters can be blended with the dry signal. (MIX)

Modulation applied to filters frequency can be either envelope, LFO or expression pedal. (MOD)

The LFO speed can be controlled by envelope or expression pedal. (LFO CTRL).


For an in-depth overview, check out the Product manual here.


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