Glou-Glou Avant-Garde



The ultimate envelope tool

Full-option, all-analog filter and phaser, with two separate envelopes.

From classic sounds to experimental research and much more.

The Avant-Garde can be broken down into six parts. At its core, it is two effects: a 1) a 6 stage phaser/vibrato & 2) a 12 db/oct multimode filter running in parallel.
Each effect can be modulated by one of 3 available methods: Envelope 1, Envelope 2 or External CV
The modulation matrix sets which form of modulation controls which effect (Total of 6 possible combinations).
The Avant-Garde also features a LFO, allowing for more modulation crazyness.
External CV Input is design to receive 0/5V voltages. Use a mono jack (Classic Expression pedals won’t work).
The Glou Glou Avant-Garde runs on a +/-15V power supply, providing a considerable amount of headroom. This accomodates the use of any instrument, including line level sources, without suffering any saturation.


PARALLEL EFFECTS with the option to be in or out of phase, providing never heard before combinations

VIBRATO/PHASER full option phaser, from classic small stone to mutron, and beyond

MULTIMODE FILTER 12 db/oct low-pass, band-pass, high-pass, notch-pass filter

2 SEPARATES ENVELOPES up and down, variable speed 11 position rotary switch, sens knob.

MODULATION MATRIX map the 3 modulation sources (ENV1, ENV2, CV), to either or both of the effects (for a total of 6 possible combinations).

ADDITIONAL LFO add a bit of LFO to the modulation selected in the modulation matrix

TRUE BYPASS soft-switch relay preserves the integrity of your signal

CUSTOM ENCLOSURE made in France with exceptional build quality, silk screened by hand

18V AC POWER SUPPLY operates at +/-15V for massive headroom and excellent signal/noise ratio

100% ANALOG all that vibe of your favourite vintage pedals

For more detailed info, please check out the manual.


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