Function FX The Cannon dual fuzz


The Cannon dual fuzz is a 2-in-1 mashup of a pair of classic fuzz circuits: the Tycobrahe Octavia and the AstroTone Fuzz / Sam Ash Fuzzbox (but minus the nearly useless tone control from the AstroTone). The circuits can be run separately or stacked together for a really gnarly fuzz with delightful octave up overtones. The Octavia side also features an octave-defeat switch.

The Cannon uses the same innovative bypass switching setup as the Third Rail overdrive, which allows for On/On, Flip Flip, and Momentary bypassing modes.

This pedal was conceived by, created for, and named after Chicago-area bluesman Toronzo Cannon.

As with all Function f(x) pedals, the Cannon dual fuzz sports a soft-touch, relay-based true bypass switching system.

Features Two fully independent classic fuzz circuits in one box

  • Volume and Fuzz controls for both circuits
  • Soft touch (true) bypass with a choice of three bypass modes
  • Top mounted jacks
  • Laser-etched artwork
  • 9v DC operation (industry standard)
  • 35mA current draw (20mA when bypassed)

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