Earthquaker Devices Talons Overdrive


The Talons Overdrive is a project that EQD has been working on for a long time. After nearly a year of variations and fine tuning they finally nailed the versatility they were after! It very well may be the best and most useful go-to overdrive on the market! Embracing best-of-breed functionalities, it features a full active tone stack, a presence control for sculpting the top end and more gain than one should ever need from an overdrive in a very compact format. Unlike all other EQD overdrives, the Talons was not designed to emulate any specific sound or era. It can be glassy and open, scooped and chunky, gritty and wild, light and airy, drunk and unhinged... and features artwork by the legendary Dan Grzeca!

The Talons is an ultra flexible dirt machine that can go from clean to crunch and everything in between with a swift turn of the gain control.

True Bypass and Handmade with sweet loving care in Akron, Ohio.


4 5/8″ x 2 1/2″ x 2.25″ with knobs


A standard 9-18 volt DC power supply intended for musical instruments with a negative center 2.1mm barrel. 18v will yield higher headroom with a slightly brighter, stronger tone and more volume. We strongly recommend a high quality power supply with isolated outputs and good filtering to avoid unwanted noise. Will also run off a 9v battery for you old timer types.


Treble: Noon is flat, boost is clockwise from noon, cut is counter clockwise from noon.
Middle: Noon is flat, boost is clockwise from noon, cut is counter clockwise from noon.
Bass: Noon is flat, boost is clockwise from noon, cut is counter clockwise from noon.
Presence: Adjusts the top end and upper mids to control the amount of “sizzle” in the dirt. Turn clockwise for a brighter tone, counter clockwise to mellow it out.
Gain: Preamp volume control. Controls the amount of dirt available, from clean to heavy crunch.
Level: Master volume control. There is a lot of level on tap, please adjust accordingly.



SKU: EQD0000018

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