Diamond Pedals Memory Lane DLX


The Memory Lane DLX is an enhanced and updated version of the Memory Lane Jr, adding several features originally available on the Memory Lane 2 delay.


For those familiar with the ML Jr, the ML DLX has a few obvious and some less obvious differences to its predecessor:

MODULATION RATE and DEPTH; Whereas the ML Jr had a fixed modulation rate, the ML DLX offers both rate and depth control.

TILT EQ: The ML DLX offers a tilt EQ circuit in the delay path, giving more control over delay tone than the MLJr. The EQ is placed AFTER the feedback loop and acts as a delay path tone control that lets you consistently determine how the delays will sit in the overall mix. This is different than the original Memory Lane and Memory Lane 2 which had the EQ in the feedback loop.

FULL 1200 ms DELAY TIME in the CONTINUOUSLY VARIABLE DELAY MODE: Due to RAM memory constraints, the original MLJr was limited to 600 ms delay time in its ‘red/ green’ continuously variable 4th delay mode. The ML DLX does not have that restriction and offers a full 1200 ms in all modes.

LED SPEEDS on NON—QUARTER NOTE MODES: The ML Jr was designed to show the actual delay time on the LED in the dotted eighth and triplet modes, but some felt this made it more difficult to match tapping to the actual quarter note beat. With the ML DLX, the tap LED now always shows the quarter note beat even if the delay time itself is set to a mode with a different rhythm.

TRIPLET MODE: Whereas the MLJr offered a quarter note triplet mode, the ML DLX triplet mode has been changed to the more commonly used eighth note triplet.

KNB/TAP FOOTSWITCH CONFIGURATION: The Memory Lane 2 added a third footswitch that allowed the user to toggle between the tapped delay time and the delay time set on the delay knob, in essence a preset select footswitch. The ML DLX adds a similar feature in that the TAP/DBL footswitch can now be configured to toggle between the tapped delay and knob delay by holding down the TAP/DBL switch for a short period of time.

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