Cooper FX Arcades Multi-Effect Console



Arcades can be any type of pedal you want.

<more video demos here>

It is a versatile multi effect platform, but what makes it unique is that it determines what type of effect it is based on the card that is inserted into the pedal. Much like certain retro video game consoles, the Arcades will allow the user to swap cards to select the experience they want. Instead of a video game however, the change of a card will result in a different bank of eight effects.


<Delay Card Manual>

<Reverb Card Manual>

<Lo-fi Card Manual>

<Pitch Card Manual>

<GEN LOSS Card Manual>

<SYNTH Card Manual>

<Grain Card Manual>

<Reverse Card Manual>

** The Arcades Console comes with the Pastiche Card included to get you started. The "Pastiche" Card has a sampling (1 algorithm) from each of the 8 cards currently available.

The full range of Cards can be purchased separately here.

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