B.Y.O.C. Mega Chorus & Vibrato Kit


The Build your own clone Mega Chorus and Vibrato kit builds out as the ultimate tricked out, uber-modded analog pitch modulation machine.

Rate, Depth, Tone, Delay, Blend, and Shape knobs along with a Triangle/Sine wave switch allow you to dial in just about any sound you can think of. Hopefully, we don't need to explain what the rate, depth, and tone knobs do.

The delay knob controls just that. The delay controls how washed out the the vibrato sounds. Turning it down will give you a tighter more subtle vibrato/chorus sound. Turning it up will increase the pitch bending and can take it into crazy alien-speak noise making territory.

The blend knob controls the mix of the wet and dry signal. Full turn counter clockwise is 100% unaffected dry signal. Noon is the traditional 50/50 chorus setting. Turn it full-turn clockwise for pure vibrato.

The shape knob can turn the Triangle LFO wave from ramp to saw tooth and all points in between. It controls the duty cycle when in sine wave mode allowing you to create cool tape warble effects or set it dead center for a vibrato exactly like the VB-2. Another way to explain what the shape knob does is this: turning it clockwise will make it bend the pitch up slower and bend the pitch down faster. Turning it counter clockwise will make it bend the pitch down faster and bend the pitch up slower. Setting it at noon will make the pitch bend up and down at an even rate.

The Triangle/Sine wave switch changes the wave form of the LFO (low frequency oscillator) between....you guessed it....triangle and sine waves. Triangle is the traditional "chorus" wave form. Sine is generally considered better for vibrato. The BYOC Mega Chorus & Vibrato gives you both.

Another feature of the BYOC Mega Chorus & Vibrato is that the circuit can accept either the MN3207 or MN3007 delay chips. The kit comes with an MN3207. Use a V3208 (not included) for over-the-top delay times.

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