B.Y.O.C. E.S.V. Fuzz (Silicon NPN Version BC109C) Kit


Do we really need to describe what the Fuzz Face does or tell you why you want one? Every guitarist, regardless of their playing style or preferred genre, needs one.  With carbon comp resistors, those shiny blue Vishay electrolytic caps, and that big flat yellow film cap, the Build Your Own Clone (BYOC) E.S.V. Fuzz kit has as much vintage mojo as the original, but with the modern conveniences of an LED status light, DC adapter jack, adjustable bias, and true bypass. That's why BYOC calls it Extra Special Vintage.

The BYOC E.S.V. Fuzz kit comes in two different versions: Silicon or Germanium. The germanium version comes with AC128 transistors made by New Jersey Semiconductor. BYOC thought they were going to have to discontinue this kit because they couldn't find suitable NOS transistors when the previous lot ran out, but then they found these new production American-made germanium transistors. These sound every bit as good as the NOS Euro-made AC128, only they are far more consistent and reliable because of new production methods. The silicon version has two choices. You can choose either the more traditional BC108, or the extra-high gain BC109C.

The high price of boutique versions, the inadequate reissues, the pantheons of rock legends who've used it, and the extremely low level of build difficulty has made the fuzz face one of the most popular pedals among DIYers.  You can't be serious about copping vintage tones without a good fuzz face...and this is one of the best.

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SKU: BYOC00053

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