B.Y.O.C. Beginner's Tool Kit Package


Some essential tools you need to get started building DIY guitar effects pedals and amps.

This starter package deal Includes high quality solder station, digital multimeter, Solder Tube, wire cutters, wire strippers, Bent nose pliers and desoldering braid.

Solder Station - Dollar for dollar the best solder station on the planet. Perfect for pedal building. We sampled and tested dozens of different entry level soldering irons and stations to find the best combination of value and performance and this is the winner. 5 - 40watt adjustable heat. Ultra-fine conical tip is solid copper with steel plating for excellent, even heat transfer and long life. You'll have to spend $100+ to find a better iron. Actual color may vary

Digital Multimeter - Perfect low-cost entry-level digital multimeter to get you started until you graduate to a more expensive DMM. It takes voltage, current, and resistance readings well enough for the purpose of DIY guitar effects pedal building and it even has a transistor tester. Actual color may vary.

Adjustable Wire Strippers - Very simple as far as wire strippers go, but these work much better for smaller gauge wire and in tight spaces. Some strippers say they can do 24AWG, but don't actually go that small. These will definitely strip 24AWG. Works well on 18AWG - 24AWG. Actual color may vary

Bent Nose Pliers - The needle nose and bent angle make these ideal for the more delicate parts of pedal building, but they're still sturdy enough to use to tighten nuts. Actual color may vary

Wire Cutters - Diagonal cutters, wire cutters, wire clippers, whatever you want to call them....this is the most important tool in your DIY effects pedal and amp building toolbox second only to your soldering iron. If you don't have a pair of these, you're going to need them. 4 & 1/2" in length. Actual color may vary

Solder Tube - 0.5oz of 032" diameter 60/40 rosin core solder in a dispenser tube. Enough to build about 3 typical effects pedals or one amplifier.

Desoldering Braid - Finely braided copper strands used to wick up and remove unwanted solder.

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