B.Y.O.C. A/B True Bypass Looper Pre-built pedal


The Build Your Own Clone (BYOC) true bypass looper squeezes two channels in one small box (4.75" x 2.6").  Use it to preserve the tone you've worked so hard by to achieve by adding true mechanical bypass to your non-true bypass effects.  Use it as an A/B box.  Use it to switch between two entirely different FX loops.  Use one channel as a true bypass looper, use the other as a tuner mute.  The footswitch on the right is the bypass footswitch.  When one of the send/return channels are engaged, a blue LED comes on.  The footswitch on the left is the Channel select switch.  When send/return channel A is engaged, a yellow LED comes on.  When send/return channel B is engaged, a red LED comes on.   Takes a 9V battery or standard 2.1mm negative tip adaptor.  

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