Blakemore Effects R.O.U.S.


** The ones we have in stock currently are all limited edition finishes. The ones we have in stock are shown in this picture of the unbuilt pedal boxes. We only have the teal & pink left in stock.

The R.O.U.S. is a versatile pedal based on the classic PRO-CO RAT distortion pedal circuit, but it can do so much more.  Check out the killer demo by our good buddy, Burgs.

There is a toggle switch to change the clipping diodes (or completely remove them) so you can go anywhere from a very light overdrive to fullbore rock distortion.

Also, Blakemore added more EQ options so you don’t have to settle for just having a single tone knob. There are knobs to control bass, treble, and then a texture knob that controls the clipping characteristics, and almost acts as a mids knob. And for those of you who are interested in such things, this pedal does use the coveted LM308 chip.

The ones we have in stock currently are all limited edition finishes.  The ones we have in stock are shown in this picture of the unbuilt pedal boxes.  We still have the teal & pink in stock.

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