Black Cat Super Fuzz


NEW for 2016: The Black Cat SuperFuzz now has top-mounted jacks (more pedalboard friendly) and a new look.

The Black Cat Super Fuzz is a modern recreation of the original Univox Super Fuzz pedal that was made in Japan by Shin-ei in the seventies. The Super Fuzz, in its various iterations, has developed a cult following over the years and is now more popular than ever.

Part of its distinct sound is derived from its two-stage octave doubling circuit - beneath the massive torrent of fuzz is a hint of upper octave; not quite as prominent as an Octavia, but definitely noticeable. The Black Cat Super Fuzz has been used by the Beastie Boys and J. Mascis.

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Super Fuzz User Manual [PDF]

» Rare NOS Germanium Diodes
» Metal film resistors and audio grade capacitors
» 3PDT true-bypass switch and Switchcraft jacks
» Uses 2.1 mm Boss style power jack, or internal 9V battery
» Hand-wired, boutique quality, made in USA
» Based on original Univox Super Fuzz design
» Balance and Expander controls, just like original
» Two-position switch for signature Super Fuzz tones

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