Black Cat BC-73


The Black Cat BC-73 is limited custom run of Ram’s Head style Big Muff pedals.

The Black Cat BC-73 uses NOS TO-106 (“button” shaped) transistors, which are the same type and in the same gain range as the FS36999/2N5133 used in the original early Big Muff pedals. These transistors are VERY expensive, costing 40x more than the cheap modern 2N5088 transistors used in most Big Muff clones. Black Cat also uses NOS carbon comp resistors, which are much more expensive than the carbon film or metal film resistors used in so-called Big Muff replicas.

The most important thing is not the cost of the parts, however – it’s how all the parts go together to create the desired vintage tone. Black Cat Pedals understands vintage tone and has the skill and years of experience get it right.

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