Big Tone Music Brewery Quadboost


The Quadboost is the next step in the evolution of the BYOC Triboost; 4 must-have boosts in one pedal with a universal 2-band EQ.


  • Gritty Germanium boost based on the Dallas Rangemaster.

  • Punchy Silicon boost based on the Electro Harmonix LPB-1.

  • Ultra-clean JFET boost based on the Keeley Katana.

  • Sparkly MOSFET boost based on the Zvex Super Hard On.

  • Universal 2-band baxandall EQ lets you turn any of the boosts on the Quadboost into a treble boost, a bass boost, a mids boost (cut both bass and treble to boost mids), or an absolutely perfectly flat boost.

  • 9 volt power supply or battery only!!!! The BTMB Quadboost has a internal 18v charge pump to supply the JFET boost and EQ with extra clean headroom.


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