Baroni Lab Miniamp Hell Raiser (200W Dual Channel Metal Amp)



Any one that has played the 200w Baroni-Lab Hellraiser will agree that it was appropriately named. It is truly 200w RMS massive metal-tone monster.

The Hellraiser is more than just highly portable, and more than feature laden; it brims with refined, exquisite tonal details ranging from bell like cleans and immense head room on channel one to rich harmonic overtones, dense high-gain and percussive attack on channel two. With such versatility, portability and features, the 200w Hellraiser a serious contender.


Clean Channel with Bass, Middle, Treble
Overdrive Channel with Gain, Tone, Volume
Master Volume
Fx Loop
Di Out with Cab Simulator
Speaker Out (to 4,8,16 Ohm)
Power: 200W @4 Ohm (110W@8Ohm - 60W@ 16Ohm)
Power Supply: 29V Power Adapter included
Box Size: 180mm x 150mm x 70mm
Weight 1Kg.
Dimensions: 98(L) x 40/30(H:Top/Bottom) x 125(W) m

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